3 Things to Consider About Concealed Carry

Carrying a concealed weapon can be one of the smartest decisions that you ever make. It can also be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’d like to be careful and cautious about your weapons, here are just three things to keep in mind as you experiment with concealed carrying.
1. Placement

Where do you want to carry your firearm? Since it needs to be hidden from view, you might not be able to use your favorite holster or draw position. You might have to try something new or even completely change the way that you carry your gun. Are you okay with that? Are you willing to make adjustments to your routine for the sake of a hidden firearm? If not, maybe concealed carrying isn’t for you.
2. Practice

In the same vein as the above, you’ll want to hit the range after deciding where to conceal your weapon. Even if you’re wearing it in the same place that you always do, you’ll want to get comfortable drawing it from a concealed position. You won’t be any help in an emergency situation if you have to fumble with your clothing before you can grab your gun. Your draws need to be quick, clean and efficient.
3. Clothing

There are all kinds of ways to conceal your weapon inside your clothing. Which type suits you? Maybe you want a waistband for a traditional kind of draw. Maybe you’d prefer a vest or ankle holster with built-in straps and pockets. There’s no right or wrong answer here, so don’t feel pressured to go with the popular option. Find something that suits your unique needs, body type and lifestyle, even if that means looking into specialized options like women’s concealed carry clothing.
These are just a few things to think about before you start carrying a concealed weapon. A gun on your person can give you peace of mind in today’s dangerous world, but it can also add to the danger if you’re not careful. Be smart about your concealed carry.