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5 Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix Before They Leave in August


Justice League / Justice League Unlimited – It seems like a curious strategy to do in the months leading up to the DCEU’s Justice League movie, but Netflix really is letting go of the iconic version of the iconic superhero team outside of the comic books.  These are the versions of these characters that a large portion of DC’s core audience grew up watching after getting home from school and on lazy Saturday mornings, not the borderline psychotic Batfleck and the Henry Cavill’s sadsack Superman.

Although there isn’t nearly time enough to marathon the entire series before its pending termination from the streaming service, there is one story arc in particular that has always stuck with me for perfectly encapsulating these characters and the ideals they stood for.  Hereafter – a two-parter from Justice League’s second season – is what “The Death of Superman” storyline (notably featured in Batman v Superman) always should have been.

After Superman is seemingly killed by a cadre of villains he’s “wronged” in the past, the team struggles to function without him.  His teammates grieve, his friends grieve, even villains like Lex Luthor grieve.  Batman is in utter denial at the idea he’s gone, but ultimately gives a powerfully touching tribute to his friend at his gravesite.

American Dad Seasons 1-4 – Although I like Family Guy as much as the next person, that series has been gracelessly showing its age for years now.  Seth MacFarlane has seemingly taken those characters as far as he is able to, and they’ve seen notably diminishing returns on recycled and reworked plots from years past that just aren’t as funny the second time around.

American Dad, however, has been a lot funnier for a lot longer than its more popular cousin, and has managed to stay fresh-feeling and relevant amid a changing entertainment – not to mention political – landscape.  Netflix has been chipping away at the content they’ve offered for the show for a while now, and the final axe removes its strongest string of episodes from rotation.