6 Foods That May Cause Depression And Related Symptoms!

6 Foods That May Cause Depression And Related Symptoms!

Food is known to be the best medicine; it ensures a transfer of essential nutrients in the body and keeps it healthy and going. But did you know, foods do much more than just nourish our body? It affects us physically and mentally both; in fact certain foods have the ability to boost our energy and pump up our moods and make us feel happy. Likewise, there are foods that can completely put you into a state of depression and fatigue, thanks to some of them cancelling out chemicals in the brain. Avoiding these foods is the best way to not feel low. We enlist foods that could lead to some symptoms of depression if consumed in excess.

According to Dr. Sunali Sharma, Dietician & Nutritionist, Amandeep Hospitals, “Simple food choices can change your life and affect your health accordingly. As per some researches there are foods that may cause depression or anxiety and also the people already suffering with depression. One must avoid consuming too much sugar, alcohol, hydrogenated oil, etc.”


1. High sodium foods


High sodium foods can prove to be troublesome for your mental health. The presence of excess sodium in these foods can disrupt your neurological system contributing to depression and may even affect your immune system causing fatigue. Additionally, consumption of excess salt leads to bloating and water retention which automatically leads to irritability. If you don’t wish to feel depressed or irritated, you should reduce the consumption of frozen foods, various sauces, cereals, baked goods, etc.

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High sodium foods can prove to be troublesome for your mental health

2. Alcohol


Alcohol has always been listed under hazardous products. It has been associated with many serious health problems and it is known to be a central nervous system depressant. Your central nervous system is responsible for taking in information through senses, controlling motor function and various other tasks, which are slowed down by excess consumption of alcohol, further increasing the symptoms associated with depression. As per Dr. Sunali, “Alcohol creates a cluster inside the central nervous system, responsible for the flow of emotion. Thus in simple words we can say that alcohol is a depressant.”

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Alcohol has always been listed under hazardous products​

3. Caffeine


Excessive consumption of caffeine can completely reverse the advantages of drinking coffee. It may lead to disrupting sleep patterns, irritability, agitation and anxiety, all of which can disrupt your mood and put you into depression. Many studies have also associated consumption of energy drinks with various health hazards, considering they have a lot of caffeine content.


Excessive consumption of caffeine can completely reverse the advantages of drinking coffee​

4. Processed foods


Processed foods are any way not good for your waistline; sadly they don’t do any good to your mental health too. Consumption of refined or processed carbohydrates like white bread, fried foods or any heavy junk food can easily spike your blood sugar levels, which may give you an initial energy boost, but will eventually leave you fatigued, irritated and sad.

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