Adopt These Lifestyle And Diet Changes To Regulate Blood Pressure Effectively

Adopt These Lifestyle And Diet Changes To Regulate Blood Pressure Effectively


  1. A new study has put the limelight on lifestyle and diet changes for bp
  2. Vegan diet, daily walks, adequate sleep can help manage bp
  3. Eating magnesium and potassium rich foods may regulate bp
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High blood pressure and hypertension are serious ailments affecting large swathes of the urban population nowadays, thanks to the increasingly sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets. Repeated studies have demonstrated how exercise and other lifestyle changes can help mitigate the disease. Now, another study by the Andrews University has demonstrated that a programme aimed at helping people modify their lifestyle and diets, can be as effective against high blood pressure, as medication. The study, that was presented at the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting, Nutrition 2018 in Boston, showed that some 117 participants saw a drop in their blood pressure by 19 points, after they adopted a new lifestyle for just 14 days.

The programme was designed by Weimer Institute Newstart Lifestyle, and the study result showed that the programme achieved for the participants, what using three half-dose standard medications for blood pressure could do for them. The results also showed that a majority of the participants either able to reduce their dosage of blood pressure medicines or eliminate it completely. Research team leader M. Alfredo Mejia, associate professor at Andrews University was quoted as saying, in a press release, “By adapting selected lifestyle health principles, half of the people in our study achieved normal blood pressure within two weeks while avoiding the side effects and costs associated with blood pressure medications.”

He added by saying,”The Newstart Lifestyle program works quickly, is inexpensive and uses a palatable diet that allows for moderate amounts of salt and healthy fats from nuts, olives, avocado and certain vegetable oils.” The programme that the participants were asked to follow included following a vegan diet, taking daily walks, drinking adequate water and getting enough sleep, as well as participating in spiritual activities. The diet especially included fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds, non-dairy milks like almond and soy milk, as well as avocados. The participants were only given whole-grain breads. At the end of the programme, half the participants showed systolic blood pressure below the recommended 120 mmHg.

Here are some more diet tips that may help you regulate high blood pressure:

1. Cut back on caffeine: Consuming too much caffeine may lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure. Therefore, for blood pressure patients, it may be advisable to cut back on caffeine consumption.

2. Consume oatmeal: Oats are chock-full of healthy dietary fibre, which may help maintain an optimal blood pressure.

3. Avoid salty foods: Foods rich in trans-fats and excessive sodium or salt are the obvious culprits causing high blood pressure. Therefore, people who have high blood pressure must avoid salty foods.

4. Eat foods rich in magnesium: Spinach, cashews, dark chocolate and other magnesium-rich foods may help you regulate blood pressure.

5. Eat foods rich in potassium: Foods rich in potassium like bananas, kidney beans, flax seeds, etc., may help people with hypertension in controlling blood pressure.

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