From the Archives: Bill Lee’s baseball fashion


Scott Harrison

After critical statements by Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda, the Montreal Expos pitcher made a fashion statement during warmups at Dodger Stadium. These three photos accompanied this caption in the July 22, 1979, Los Angeles Times:

Even though they don’t give points for neatness in baseball, Dodger manager Tom Lasorda was quoted the other day as saying the first-place Montreal Expos were disgraceful the way they came on the field during warmups. So? So Bill Lee, Le Grand Flake of Montreal, gave Lasorda a pregame fashion show Friday night and beat him Saturday.

On Saturday, July 21, 1979, Bill “Spaceman” Lee pitched seven and a third innings in a 7-2 victory over the Dodgers.

Lee pitched in the Major Leagues from 1969 until 1982. He had a final win-loss record of 119-90.

Photo credit for the above three-image package was “Times photos by Dapper Andy Hayt.”