Building a Gaming Event Venue

Gaming event venues should be high-tech and over-the-top. Gamers like flashy technology. Creating an exciting venue for an event takes months of preparation.

Choosing the Space

Gamers often have a bad reputation. An event that is centered on boisterous activities may not be welcome in all areas. It is important to choose a space in a relaxed area. A venue with that is enclosed with ample soundproofing is ideal.

It can be difficult to estimate how many gamers will attend the event. Selling a specific number of tickets may be a good option to help with crowd control. This is an ideal situation if you choose the event space prior to announcing the event.

Designing the Event Space

When designing the event space, consider the flow of foot traffic. The placement of varying stations and games is important. Those that will have the largest crowds may be best placed near the rear of the space. Popular gamers may have some fans supporting them, which may draw a larger crowd. This should also be taken into consideration when determining where each game will be placed.

New and upcoming games should be placed near the front so that they get attention first. When they are mixed in with popular games or gaming devices, they can easily be passed by. Showing attendees something new can help get them excited for the rest of the exhibits in the space.

The Build

Building the venue can take a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Special equipment and/or machinery may be needed. In a large city moving machinery may be difficult. It is ideal to hire machinery moving services in Los Angeles to ensure that all heavy equipment arrives undamaged. As the event coordinator or host, renting machinery is often required as well as arranging the delivery of that equipment.

Prior to opening the doors to attendees, ensure that all of the electrical work is secure. Test all of the connections. Test special effects. Test all of the sound equipment. Consider having a mock preview night with special tickets being offered as a test run to ensure that the flow of foot traffic and placement of exhibits is ideal.

Closing Thoughts

Gaming events can draw large crowds. It is a good idea to restrict the types of costumes, props and bags that can enter the venue. Using metal detectors or scanners may be ideal at the entrance to prevent dangerous events from taking place. Be sure to hire enough security for the event as well.