Chaitra Navratri 2016: A Special Menu for Day 1

Chaitra Navratri 2016: A Special Menu for Day 1Navratri marks nine days of fasting and abstinence. Many ingredients and foods are allowed during these days. However, you may find yourself at your wits end if the dishes on your table keep repeating themselves. This Navratri, fret not. We consulted with Dr. Rupali Dutta, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital, who helped us design not one, but five days’ menus that will bring some excitement into this festival. Each day’s menu has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the rules of Navratri vrat and only the ingredients which are allowed to be consumed, have been included. The recipes are all tried and tested and make for delicious meals.

That is not all, the menu for the entire day has been crafted such that your calorific intake is within the prescribed limits. Do not worry about falling off your diet-plan this Navratri. Each of the daily menus are within 2000 Kcal and offer approximately 45-50gm protein to the body. Dr Rupali  suggests, “Today is the first day of your fast. In addition to your meals, you may snack on fruits when hungry. All seasonal fruits add electrolytes and fiber, making the system light and keep you energised”.

This Navratri, let the fasting and feasting begin!

Day 1 Menu

Early Morning

Start your day with some Honey Lemonade and a handful of nuts. Ideally, the lemonade should be room temperature, which is a great detox tool too.

Honey Lemonade 22.03 Kcal 0.02g protein
Almonds (10 kernels) + Walnuts (5 halves) 149.4 Kcal  4.1g protein


It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure you eat well and eat smart so that you are fuelled well for an energetic day. The Aloo Tikki is served with a tangy Sonth ki Chutney on the side with a refreshing Pistachio Lassi to wash it down.

Aloo Tikki 251.3 Kcal 3.1g protein
Pistachio Lassi (Low Fat) 156.4 Kcal  12.9g protein
Sonth ki Chutney  75.5 Kcal  0.3g protein


With mangoes back in season, it is a great idea to team this Aam ki Sabzi with Kuttu ke Parathe.

Aam ki Sabzi 291.6 Kcal 2.4g protein
Kuttu ka Paratha 240.7 Kcal 4.5g protein

Evening Snack

Team that steaming hot cup with this inventive Singhare Atte Ki Barfi. You know what? Kids love it too!

  Singhare Atte ki Burfi 211.6 Kcal 4.7g protein


Dinner should always be kept light. It is recommended that you eat atleast 2 hours before hitting the bed. Arbi ki Kadhiis teamed with a light portion of Chawal ka Upma for a wholesome dinner. An easy post-dinner stroll is a great idea to help you digest your food and get some time to unwind.

Arbi ki Kadhi 248.9 Kcal      4.6g protein
Chawal ka Upma 123.3 Kcal    1.8g protein


A lukewarm cup of milk before sleeping helps you get a good night’s rest. The perfect way to end your first day of Navratri.

Milk (no sugar) 167.5 Kcal 8g protein