Chef’s Choice: How to make Smoked quail drizzled with Pomegranate Reduction


Smoked Quail -1
Pomegranate – 1
Snow Peas – 30 grams
Red cabbage -30 grams
Red Wine – 100 milliliters
Asparagus puree – 25 milliliters
Macademia nuts – 30 grams
Salt (as per taste)
Black Pepper (as per taste)
Olive Oil – 100 milliliters
Cherry Tomatoes – 10 grams
Green Apples – 1
Sweet Potatoes – 20 grams
Oregano Sprig – 1

* Heat the smoked quail in an oven for a little while to make it hot

* Make a reduction of pomegranate juice in a different pan till it coats the spoon

* Blanch the asparagus and make a puree of it

* Braise the red cabbage with some red wine and green apples

* Toast the macadamia nuts and keep aside

* Toss the cherry tomatoes and keep for garnishing

* Roast the sweet potatoes and mash it. Season the same

* Spread the asparagus puree like a strip on a plate

* Put mashed sweet potato on it

* Arrange the quail on top of the mash

* Place the tossed and braised red cabbage and tossed snow peas on the side

* Sprinkle cherry tomatoes and macadamia nuts on the plate

*Drizzle the pomegranate reduction on the quail and serve hot with a sprig of fresh oregano