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Masaba Gupta at the event   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

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Masaba Gupta on her collection for the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week

Once she is through with her voluminous collection, Masaba Gupta likes to unwind. She wants to remain carefree, browsing a book or watching a Westerner on video is a good option for her. “For the next two months, I don’t like talking about my collection at all. You are living breathing the collection virtually every day for three months and need to take a break. I spent exactly the same amount of time in creating my latest labour of love for the Lakme Fashion Week. At the end of the day I get so tired that I don’t want to look at it for a while,” says the talented Mumbai-based designer, as we meet for an interaction in Delhi.

Asserting that she wants to continue exploring pret in new avatars even when fashion-conscious netizens are busy locating the latest in couture, Masaba says in a tone of authority and confidence, “I want to continue working on ready to wear. This is the line I do as it is an everyday wear which helps me to remain in touch with the people. I want to be people’s designer and be in their cupboards. Couture is not in my mind right now. That is the reason why I take part at Lakme Fashion Week. Having said that, let me also put in that maybe one year or further than that I might be stepping on the ramp of India Couture Week. Who knows?”

Interestingly, water is her source of inspiration for her new fusion collection. The collection is inspired by mineral water Himalayan Orchard Pure. “As my forte is print, I have developed prints on embroidery inspired by this product.”

Masaba, an avid traveller, is also inspired by the Himalayas, “As a designer, I am someone who is ever evolving, spontaneous, on trends and fun.Everything in this mountain range is pure and great things come out of it. Like the purity of the Himalayas we have introduced pure fabrics, pure silks and pure cotton. Our design process too is very organic.”

Masaba, who likes showcasing Indian heritage on her Western gowns and fusion wear, says: “In every collection, I showcase a different side of India, its culture and heritage. However, I believe in doing it in a subtle way. One doesn’t have to present it literally. There are strong ways of showcasing this. It shouldn’t be in-your-face type.”

On a parting note, Masaba says: “I don’t want to always take challenges. I want to take things easily. Let me go to Mumbai and then let me explore Himalayas.”