Fighting games top US gaming charts in June, are cool again

Story image for Gaming from CNET

Fighting games were all the rage in the ’90s, but have become less popular in the decades since. They’re in the midst of a comeback, however, with June being uncharacteristically kind to the brawlers out there.

Tekken 7, released June 2, was the top selling game in the US, according to NPD Group, followed by May’s Injustice 2. Perhaps most amazingly, Grand Theft Auto V was No. 3, with it still selling strong on PS4 and Xbox One despite being released in 2014 (a year after originally launching on PS3 and Xbox 360).

Tekken and Injustice weren’t just popular in the US, though. Upon its release, Tekken 7 was a top seller in both the UK and Japan. Injustice 2 was similarly popular in the UK when it was released mid-May.