Five Famous Mathematicians and Their Contributions

Math, the moment you hear it, you may experience chills on hand or you may feel good. Well, it is a subject where most of them are in love with it. But for some, it has been proved to be a nightmare even after several years of graduation. If you’re not fond of Math then it would be difficult to consider a fact that it has played a vital role in the rapid enhancement of our society.

When you look, it is likely mathematicians who have made an impact right from satellites to your kitchen or TV programs at a residence. Among them, there are several scientists whose brilliant works have continued to reflect the present day. Beneath is a list of five renowned mathematicians whose intense work has pushed conditions through radical change. The list is subjective.

Isaac Newton

Sir Issac Newton, a mathematician, and an English physicist was one of the inventors of Reflecting Telescope, Law of Gravitation, Calculus and more. Newton developed the principles of modern physics with his discoveries in mathematics, motion, and optics. He was born in the year 1964, January 25. PhilosophiaeNaturalis Principia Mathematica, was Newton’s most vital single work in the Modern Era.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss know as ” Prince of Mathematics” contributed incomparably to many fields including algebra, differential geometry, analysis, number theory, mechanics, optics, matrix theory and much more. He was born in the year 1777 on April 30th. His discoveries were done at his young age. At the age of 21, he wrote DisquisitionesArithmeticae. He continued with his brilliant work until this death at the age of seventy-seven.


Euclid a Greek mathematician is considered as “Father of Geometry”, he dwelled and flourished in Egypt around 300 BCE. He is known for is the mathematical textbook of all time ”  “Stoicheion” or “Elements”. Apart from this he has worked and contributed to spherical astronomy – a study that determines the position of the objects on the celestial sphere, and he as significantly worked on the division of geometrical figures.

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was an engineer, physicist, astronomer, logician, and a Swiss mathematician who made vital discoveries in the field of infinitesimal calculus including initiating contributions to analytic number theory and topology. He even solved Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem in Graph Theory through Euler Characteristic that links various edges, faces, and vertices of an object.


Aryabhata was the first major astronomer and a mathematician from the classic age of Indian astronomy and Indian Mathematics. He was born in the year in 476 AD,  Assaka. His brilliant work on ” Aryabhatiya” has been reflected till present day. He is one among the mathematicians who brought new deductions and theories in astronomy and mathematics.

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