Food for thought: The brighter side of potatoes


It was pure nostalgia. The sun was setting, and the smell of warm, roasted potato wafted through the bylanes in the small hamlet on the outskirt of the town…

The staple food of many different cultures across the world, potato is considered fattening by many. But it is only a myth, as studies have proved it wrong. In fact, it is considered among the world’s healthiest foods.

The popular root vegetable is rich in carbohydrate, fibre, potassium, Vitamin C and other vital minerals, Hence, it has many health benefits. However, owing to its high starch content, fitness-conscious people try to avoid food made of potatoes. But one can make the best of it by opting for healthier way of preparing it. Those wanting to lose weight should avoid potatoes in fried forms and go for roasted, boiled or baked ones.

Here are a few goodness of potatoes cited by several stuides and reports, when prepared and consumed in the right way:

Potatoes protect the skin from early aging. Regular intake of potatoes makes the skin glow and raw ones can treat pimples and skin blemishes.

Owing to its nutritious content, it strengthens the immune system and keeps you healthy and strong.

Because of its high-fibre content, it helps in food digestion and helps maintain the bowel system.

The potassium found in potatoes is said to reduce cholesterol level, blood pressure and controls heart problems.

It also prevents many types of cancer with its high vitamin A and C content that have antioxidant elements.

It maintains fluid balance and reduces inflammation in the body.

If you are suffering from insomnia. it is said that regular intake of potatoes can help you sleep better.

The calcium and magnesium content in potatoes can help ease rheumatism.

TIPS: Avoid green and sprouted potatoes as it is poisonous and harmful for health