From sugar kelp to seaglass nails: this week’s fashion trends

Joe Pesci arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of The Irishman.

Join the club: Joe Pesci arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of The Irishman. Photograph: Valérie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

Going up

Blue Planet bottles Plastic’s out, obvs, and S’well has teamed up with BBC Earth to make designs inspired by nature. Attenborough is always on trend.

Me dancing to’ TikTok meme whereby teens reclaim traumatic incidents by using the abusive voicemail as a dance soundtrack. It’s complicated… but we’re into it.

Sugar kelp The seaweed du jour. See trendy salads, Harris gin and a new collection from the Scottish Fine Soaps Company.

Club collars As worn by Joe Pesci for the premiere of Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. Pair with oversized cuffs for a post-retirement comeback.

Going down

Travel suitcase
 Travel suitcase
Don’t get weighed down. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Someone else’s suitcase Rimowa has launched a wheels, handles and luggage tags customisation service. Never panic about mistaken baggage identity in arrivals again.

Gloomy gloves Mabel Sheppard’s leather mitts feature cute clouds and rainbow stripes. Guaranteed to brighten the greyest of grey days.

A bunch of organic basil leaves on a lightbox
 Out with the basil. Photograph: Getty Images

Fresh basil Not cosy enough. Crispy sage leaves are everywhere, on everything, till Christmas.

Office coughers Tis the season. Pack your antibac.

Jelly nails Switch for “seaglass” nails – aka the mermaid manicure. Washed up, but in a good way.