After govt ‘misgivings’, UGC panel disbanded

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THE UNIVERSITY Grants Commission disbanded its first committee to draft qualification regulations for appointment of teachers in higher education because the government had misgivings about the head of the panel, Varun Sahni, who was a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, a source who did not wish to be identified has said.

On July 21, the UGC set up a seven-member committee, headed by Goa University Vice-Chancellor Varun Sahni, to draft regulations on the minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and academic staff in universities and colleges.

Two weeks later, on August 3, the UGC set up another panel with the same terms of reference but with Professor Sunil Kumar Gupta, former V-C of Himachal Pradesh University, as chairperson. The circular was silent on the fate of the previous panel headed by Sahni. A source told The Indian Express: “The government had misgivings about the political leanings of professor Sahni.”

Before becoming Goa University V-C, Sahni was a professor of international politics at JNU, where he had served as chairperson of the Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament and director of the International Collaboration Office. He is now on deputation leave from JNU.