Grocery Buying Guide: How to Buy and Store Cucumbers

Grocery Buying Guide: How to Buy and Store Cucumbers

Come summer, and the cucumber becomes certainly one of our favourite substances to conquer the sizzling warmth. The narrow veggie not simplest has splendid hydrating homes, it’s also packed with crucial nutrients that help in preserving the frame cool. And the exceptional part: it’s miles unbelievably low in energy, as it carries ninety five% water.

In India, you will regularly see road companies selling slices of cucumber sprinkled with black salt and red chilli powder. Have it on a warm afternoon and there’s not anything extra refreshing. Cucumber typically functions in salads across the country as properly – it is smartly sliced and organized with carrots, tomatoes, onions or even radish to make what’s popularly known as green Salad, or chopped and tossed with other vegetables to make Kachumber Salad, with a refreshing chilli and lemon dressing.

some other summer time cooler this is often teamed with it’s far curd, to make raita. mix spoons of it along with your afternoon dal-chawal meal or home-made pulaosand biryanis, and it’ll immediately cut out the richness. And in case you are up for some experimentation, there may be no dearth to the number of recipes you can dish out for your kitchen – from cucumber rolls and granitas to bloodless soups, pickles and juices. What makes it this sort of hit, is of course, the crunch that it lends to the dishes, and additionally the juicy flesh which effects soaks in myriad flavours.

How to shop for Cucumbers

if you have grown up in a household in which at some stage in meals or family feasts, the children’s duty turned into to make the salad, you will recognize that peeling a cucumber takes a few talent. this is due to a white foamy content material known as cucurbitan which tends to make the flesh sour. historically, it was continually counseled to first chop one slice off the edge and rub it for sometime to put off the foamy content material, after which wash and thoroughly peel the veggie.

according to vegetable breeder Jim Myers of Oregon country college, “wild cucumbers include rather big concentrations of cucurbitacin and are exceedingly bitter, whilst their domestic cousins we develop inside the garden and buy in the shop, have a tendency to have less but various quantities of the bitter compound.”
so as a lot as we love this summer cooler, we want to be cautious whilst we choose them off the shelves. keep in mind that it tastes high-quality best whilst it is younger and extremely sparkling, or else you will locate yourself biting into a chewy and sour tasting veggie. here are some tips –

1. firm and green: whilst shopping for cucumbers, pick out those that have a dark green coloured pores and skin and are firm to touch. The lighter shades tend to be the older ones, which lack the crunch and freshness.

2. No Sponge Please: forget about what others have to say, however pick out up and experience the vegetables when you go shopping. Doing so will assist you take a look at if there are any spongy spots, which means that they’re not clean.

3. The Wax difficulty: sadly, that allows you to make vegetables ultimate longer, many growers tend to apply wax at the pores and skin. So investigate the cucumbers properly, using your nails to check.

4. Small and narrow: pick cucumbers that are small in size and slim in form. The smaller varieties are more energizing and recognized to incorporate lesser seeds.

how to store Cucumbers

Cucumbers generally tend to lose moisture without difficulty, that is why the manner you shop them can make a large difference. whilst you purchase cucumbers, always maintain them within the refrigerator via placing them in a plastic bag. it is also beneficial to preserve them in the front facet of the vegetable rack to maintain their moisture as opposed to stacking them in the direction of the lower back. additionally, don’t purchase in bulk and make certain that you eat them inside to 3 days of purchase.