Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016: 5 Kinds of Siblings and Desserts They Would Love

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016: 5 Kinds of Siblings and Desserts They Would Love
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016! The bond between siblings is one that is special and ought to be celebrated. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which brings forth the brother-sister love, and is celebrated with much fervour throughout the country. This is the time when you will find the whole family coming together to worship the Almighty, as well as cherish the bond they share with each other. And no festival in India is complete without accompanying it with an array of delicious treats. Raksha Bandhan too is a sweet affair with a smorgasbord of lip-smacking delicacies.

Emblematic of the bitter-sweet relationship shared between a brother and a sister, the festival has a deeper significance attached to it. Every year, sisters all across the country tie a thread (rakhi) on their brothers’ wrist, which represents the brother’s vow to protect his sister against all odds, ill-events and adversities. The expanse of this festival goes beyond all cultural and geographical boundaries, and is enthusiastically celebrated by many across the globe.

Apart from the conventional rakhi tying ceremony, siblings also exchange gifts. Traditionally, the sister offers something sweet to her brother and he reciprocates with a special gift. The occasion calls for unbridled indulgence in some of the most decadent desi desserts that the country boasts of. This Raksha Bandhan, dedicate the day to showering that extra love and care on your sibling and cook them some of their favourite treats.

As the incessant sibling fights, rants and nagging comes to a halt; why don’t you surprise your siblings with scrummy tid-bits that they would devour happily? Since every person is unique, so are their tastes and preferences, not everyone likes the same things. Fret not, if your brother would not touch that Kaju Katli and has an undying love for cupcakes instead, we have just the apt solution for you.Here are five kinds of siblings and our suggestions on what you can cook for them this Rakhi to make them feel special. Presenting, some splendid, mouthwatering recipes that you can prepare and make your Raksha Bandhan even more memorable:
1. For the Calorie Conscious Sibling

Treat your calorie conscious sibling with some delectable and low fat desserts. Oh so yummy!

low fat dessert

2. For the One Racing Against Time

Always on the clock? Create these easy, hearty and satisfying desserts under 30 minutes.

apple crumble

3. For the One Who Loves Desi Desserts

For the ladoo munchers and rasgulla gobblers, bring out your A-game with these desi treats.


4. For the One Who Seeks Cupcakes

If your siblings are addicted to these bites of heaven, like we are, your best bet lies in these gorgeous cupcake recipes.


5. For the Chocoholics

Put a smile on your sibling’s face with some chocolaty delights. Gooey bliss!

chocolate cake