Here Are Kohl’s Black Friday 2018 Gaming Deals, Big Discounts On Xbox One X And Nintendo Switch

Black Friday leaking season is rolling in earnest, with full ads from places like Target and Costco already in the mix. It’s looking like a good year for console deals, with the Xbox One S, PS4, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro all mature enough to be pushing for some impressive bundles and discounts as we enter into the golden years of this hardware generation. Today, we’re going to look at the gaming deals from Kohl’s, which are always some of the best on offer.

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As in past years, the highlight of Kohl’s Black Friday program is that the retailer will give you $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend, so long as you spend said Kohl’s cash before December 5. At other retailers, this might be somewhat limiting and only qualify as a partial discount, but Kohl’s is a massive operation with all sorts of stuff gaming and otherwise. So you can use your savings to pick up some more games for your new hardware, or you can just buy towels or something. That makes Kohl’s cash not quite as good as regular cash, but close.

Here are some of the best gaming deals:

  • 1 tb Microsoft Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bundle, $399. That’s $100 the top with $120 extra in Kohl’s Cash. Plus you can download Fortnite if you don’t want to deal with PUBG. 
  • Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle for $199.99. That’s $50 off, with $60 in Kohl’s cash.
  • Nintendo Switch with headset and carrying case, $329.99. A moderate discount when you factor in the headset and carrying case sweetened by $90 in Kohl’s Cash.
  • Xbox One or PS4 controllers for $39.99. A standard deal, but always a good one. Never buy controllers at full price.

Hardware is stealing the show here, though we don’t have one of those big lists of discounted games like we see at places like Target, Best Buy, Amazon or Gamestop.

Kohl’s Black Friday deals are available online November 19-23, so you can grab them early there or in-store on Black Friday.