Lifestyle influencer Himanshu Garg is now the country’s youngest motivational speaker

Himanshu Garg

Himanshu Garg

How does it feel to be the youngest fitness influencer in the country? The question can only be answered by none other than Himanshu Garg who has achieved this tag at a real young age of 19 years.

Himanshu has been training to be a motivational and lifestyle speaker ever since he was just 9 years of age. He has drawn his actual experience from his father who used to be a motivational speaker himself.

“Whatever I am today is because of my parents. My mother brought me up in such a manner that I was a grounded person ever since I can remember. My mother has been instrumental in shaping my behaviour but it was my father who cultivated the ability to convince people in me. He taught me what is most important to know before you guide someone on the right path,” Himanshu said.

“My father was my first teacher as most of the people’s fathers are but the difference here is that he helped me shape my career in a stream which I always wanted to. His enormous knowledge is the main reason behind the success I have achieved at this young age,” he added.

Coming from this family background, he was always aware about the pros and cons of being in this profession. When guiding someone is your responsibility, it becomes your job to advise the best possible ways to the person as his future and life depends on that guidance. Himanshu knows this very well and always keeps this sense of responsibility in his heart.

“I have always been a person who believes in taking responsibility. I believe this is the most important aspect in our profession. If I will not feel the responsibility of guiding my clients on the right path, I will never be able to do justice to them. Hence, I take this very seriously and execute my job accordingly,” he said.

Himanshu has been a constant believer of God. He believes that this is something which will never fade away in his life. He thinks that this is the only thing which has kept him motivated to do justice to his job over the years.

“I am a strong believer of God. He has always guided me on the right path in life and this way I have got all this success. Speaking in front of hundreds of people and addressing their problems is never an easy job but to do the same, it is only God and the blessings of my parents which give me the amount of confidence to do this,” he said.