Move Over Aloo and Pyaaz Ke Pakode, Here are 12 Different Pakodas to Savour this Monsoon

Move Over Aloo and Pyaaz Ke Pakode, Here are 12 Different Pakodas to Savour this Monsoon

Come monsoon and the sound of fritters frying on the streets starts to tingle your ears and compel you to gorge on to them along with lip-smacking chutneys. Nothing beats a cup of tea and ‘garma-garam pakode‘, while you watch the rain drizzling. It is certainly bliss to welcome monsoons after the scorching summers. We are sure you won’t be able to resist the aroma and taste of pakodas. But it’s time you move over the same old Aloo and Pyaaz ke Pakode and instead try these 12 variations to gorge on to this monsoon! Take a look.

1. Soya Pakoda


When it comes to having different yet lip-smacking pakodas, Soya Pakodas top the list and how. This evening snack is a royalty when savoured with Masala Chai. Easy to make and full of vegetable protein, it is a healthier substitute of potato. Of course, they are deep fried, but who would not want to have them once in a while?

2. Noodle Pakoda


These are just desi fritters with a western twist. It makes an amazing snack for kids, and to make it healthier and tastier, add some seasonal vegetables too and voila! So pick your noodles and start preparing already.

3. Chicken Pakoda


This one’s for the non-vegetarian lovers. Chicken is marinated in spices and coated with flour or batter and deep fried. Yes, it is that simple. Of course you can experiment according to your palate. So what’s all the waiting for?


4. Rice Pakoda


Do you have leftover rice and do not know what to do with it anymore? Don’t worry, we have your back! Make crispy Rice Pakodas and enjoy in this monsoon season. Rice Pakodas are quick to make and equally delicious when teamed with green chutney. Mouth-watering much?


5. Baingan ka Pakoda


Kids may not like brinjal or Baingan ka Bharta, but we are sure they would love Baingan ke Pakode. They are crisp and super yummy finger food. Pair them with dry garlic chutney, green chutney or just tomato sauce. We bet you will love it.


6. Corn Pakoda


Fresh corns are easily available in the rainy season and one of the most relishing ways to prepare them is to make pakodas. These Andhra-style pakodas can be paired with Rasam or Sambhar to enjoy its taste to the fullest. We are sure you would hate to miss this.


7. Palak Pakoda


Crispy Palak Pakoda is bound to leave you asking for more than just one. It is a quick snack made with spinach, basic spices and gram flour, of which gram flour and carom seeds are the main ingredients to make them the best crispy and crunchy pakodas.


8. Dhaniya Patta Pakoda


Dhone Patar Bora or Dhaniya Patta Pakoda is one of the most popular snacks in West Bengal. Bengalis often make this yummy delight as a side dish for lunch or dinner or even for tea or coffee. Considering how flavourful coriander is, Dhaniya ka Pakoda makes an extremely delectable snack for a rainy day.


9. Kaddu Pakoda (Pumpkin)


Generally savoured during Navratra fasting, Kaddu Pakoras or Pumpkin Fritters are to die for. The only part of making these pakodas is to peel or cut the pumpkin into small pieces. It is recommended to make a thick batter of gram flour so that the pakodas do not split.


10. Sabudana Pakoda


Sabudana Pakodas or Sabudana Vadas are one of the most popularly consumed snacks in Maharashtra. They are also savoured during fasts. Tapioca or sabudana is light, fluffy and bouncy; hence it is imperative to soak them in water overnight to make delectable pakodas the next day.


11. Dill Leaves Pakoda (Suva Bhaji)


Dill Leaves Pakodas are a variation to the Palak Pakodas. These feathery fresh dill leaves give a lot of zing and aroma to the fritters, providing a break from the usual ones. Dill leaves are also called Shepu in Marathi and Sua or Suva in Hindi. You can pair the pakodas with various kinds of chutneys.


12. Tofu Pakoda


Marrying together ingredients from global cuisines make for some amazing kitchen adventures. What better example than a Tofu Pakoda? You can use plain tofu as well as herbed tofu to make delectable pakodas. Tofu wrapped in besan flour batter and a mix of few spices and deep fried, that does make for an amazing evening snack.


Let us know if you have any other variant to enjoy in this rainy season!