Munch Madness food fundraiser for St. Peter’s School

Munch Madness food fundraiser for St. Peter's School

JOPLIN, Mo – St. Peter’s Catholic Middle school combined basketball excitement and food to raise funds with Munch Madness.

The annual fundraiser featured more than 20 cooks offering sample size foods from countries around the globe. Those included Filipino, Nigerian, Mexican, Italian  and more. The annual food event coincided with an alumni basketball tournament this year.

Organizers say it’s more than a money making event.
Kayla Martinez, with Home and School said, “Mainly it’s a lot of friendship and fellowship. The families really enjoy it. They get to bring out what their family traditions are. Some of these foods people have never tried, so it’s very interesting, very fun.”

KOAM’s Lisa Olliges  was the emcee at Munch Madness. The school also held a raffle for an Apple watch and Echo dot. Funds support buying classroom items for teachers.