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New on Netflix: All the Movies and TV Coming in August

New on Netflix: All the Movies and TV Coming in August

Statistically, everybody you know and love is a Netflix subscriber (or, at least, they’ve stolen their mom’s login). As such, this may be the most relevant thing you read today based on sheer impact. Let’s dig into what’s coming to the monolithic streaming service in August.

While there aren’t a ton of notable films releasing, there are definitely a few worth a gander. The classic, raunchy comedy Bad Santa will release alongside one of Tarantino’s lesser-known (and better) films, Jackie Brown. For those wanting a lesson on diminishing returns, the entire Matrixtrilogy will also release this month. A few other interesting films of varying quality are HolesWild Wild WestCloud Atlas and a film everybody is hesitantly excited about, the live-action adaptation of Death Note. Be sure to catch Superbad and Dope before they’re abandoned by Netflix and swallowed up by the internet forever.

There isn’t a ton coming on the TV front, but the debuts of comedies like Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later and Disjointed should entertain. For those still hanging with Marvel’s TV slate after Iron Fist’s disappointing first season, Marvel’s The Defenders promises to be an exciting continuation of the small screen-focused superhero saga. Arguably most important is making sure you catch up on The League’s seven hilarious seasons before the show is removed.

Check out this sizzle reel, and then the full list below.