OPINION: Why tights are a fashion fraud

OPINION: Why tights are a fashion fraud

Tights are the greatest fashion fraud that has ever happened in the fashion industry. Whoever designed tights and decided that they are a good idea, needs to be arrested for perpetrating crimes against fashion. Tights have never been a fashion statement and will never be.

To begin with, the available colors are horrible. When they blend colors, they look like zebra stripes, the colors of the rainbow or a bad toddler painting. Black tights look like a pair of stockings. All those are characteristics of a bizarre fashion item. If a woman wants to strike that look of being fashion less, careless and wearing things just because they are available, then tights are the way to go.

Since they are a fashion fraud, they have always been worn as trousers. That’s where the world tears into two pieces and all of us are swallowed alive. All fashion sins can be forgiven but not wearing tights as trousers. There’s an ugly way that the tights holds someone’s body. They hold every piece of flesh and expose what needs to be hidden. Instead of showing some part of the body, the tights simply leaves the body squeezed like water held in a very tight paper or piece of cloth. They make humble or large behinds appear larger than they are. They also make them seem like with just a simple prick, the whole flesh will fall on the ground. Who needs such an ugly piece of fabric for clothing?

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No matter how many times the fashionistas have tried to demonstrate how tights should be worn, most women seem to be always taking a nap when such an important piece of information is being passed across. It’s not something decent to wear. Methinks tights are supposed to be worn when doing laundry and dishes. It’s just too ugly and casual to even be worn past the door.

Since it’s an ugly piece of clothing, a woman should not be friends with a woman who loves to wear tights all the time. Such bad fashion taste can rub off and before you know it, you will also be mesmerized with such a bad sense of fashion. In case many are imagining that it’s just bad vibe about tights, ask yourself why you have never seen celebrities and even women with a strong sense of fashion step out of their houses in such ugly stocking like things.

I imagine it’s the cheapness of tights that has made them so popular. But as we all know cheap things are very expensive. Even if they are given freely, a woman who is conscious of what she wears should not be spotted in tights. If fashion guruness ran in my veins, I would have recommended jeggings in the place of tights. Though expensive, they are available in many colors and designs. Besides, jeggings are worn by celebrities and they can be worn like trousers. But if your thighs are not as fat as a tree trunk in a tropical forest, you can always wear designer hot pants like Victoria Beckham and we shall take you very seriously. Unlike when you disturb our peace with tights.