Planning the Perfect West Coast Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming a popular trend among young couples. These events tie together the honeymoon and ceremony in one beautiful location where you can spend time with family and friends. California is a top destination when it comes to getting married due to the wide range of settings this state has to offer, but long distance planning can be complicated. Use these tips to remove a little of that stress.

The Venue

Your first step in planning a California destination wedding will be finding a venue. Many resorts offer a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony as well as ballrooms large enough to host your reception. You may prefer an actual church wedding or a ceremony in one of the West Coast parks or on their amazing beaches. This will require a separate reception location such as banquet rooms offered by hotels or places like Hiddenbrooke Golf Club. Research you options online and reserve a location early on.


The internet can help you locate all of the services you need. You will have to hire a caterer, band, and of course a professional photographer to capture all of those special moments. You may want to explore transportation options as well. Ask the people from your selected venue for help. They may have some of their own staff that can help or recommend local professionals that have worked with them before.


You will want to book the accommodations right after you have selected a venue. If your ceremony is going to be in a resort, this will be easy to do. Otherwise, you may have to do a little searching on your own. Explore the options located in the area surrounding the venue. Be sure to check online reviews, and call the front desk directly to ensure your questions are being answered accurately.

Following these simple tips will help you get started when it comes to planning your West Coast wedding. You’ll have a location selected, the photographer reserved, and the accommodations awaiting you which will relieve the biggest amount of stress from your shoulders. Now you can sit back and relax while you enjoy planning all the fun details that will make your big day extra special.