Why is Playing Online Rummy Gaining Popularity in India?

From childhood, we have witnessed our elders with a stack of cards and relevant activities. In India, get-togethers often end with guests’ playing card games and enjoying over a cup of tea. These activities are more than mere traditions, but a family time to cherish, where adults and children, both can take part. Sometimes we were invited to join in and at other times, called to run errands of bringing eatables to keep the social-circle entertained, yet be a spectator of the rummy.

How Has the Internet Popularized Classic Rummy?

With advent of internet and popularity of app-based gaming, online rummy has become most accessible and preferable over traditional rummy game.

  • As people increasingly are switching over to online games and apps, traditional games are being transported from real-realm to virtual-realm, making the gaming experience more integrated, versatile, and thrilling.
  • Websites such as khelplay rummy bridges the gap between a player and card game by providing a one-stop platform, where one can play the game with multiple players over web-based application.
  • In India, where rummy card game is already known to every household, getting it to the internet and onto mobile phone is nothing less than revolutionary.

Learning to Play Rummy Online

Indian Rummy is like any other rummy games.Even when accessing the ultimate rummy on the internet, you get learn to master the game via online tutorial, which help you to know the skills and necessary tricks required. You can participate in rummy tournaments and go past several levels, thus the activity becomes more exciting.

  • The aim of the game is to form sets that are referred to as runs. The participants can declare their turn in the game, when they are able to make the necessary number of runs or sets.
  • There needs to be minimum two players. At a time, a maximum of four or six players can play.
  • Skills that a participant requires are good memory, calculative approach, analysing, and observing power.
  • Every online rummy player, turn by turn deals with the cards in a clockwise manner. If there are two or three players, then a two stack of 52 cards each and 4 jokers are utilized.
  • When there are four to six players, then three decks of 52 cards are used. Now each player gets 13 cards.

Reasons Why Players Prefer Online Rummy in India

With a space for flexibility, an online game of rummy offers a lot many benefits, as mentioned below.

  1. With Khelplay rummy, you get the opportunity to socialize with players you have never met in real-life, just like social networking sites, and at the same time enjoy a good game of rummy online.
  2. You can get on the game either from asmartphone, personal computer or similar device. With your own online rummy circle, you can remain entertained on the go, with the feature of click-and-play from anywhere.
  3. You may get the option to play in private or public rooms, which means, you can create a private rummy room to invite your family, friends, to play the game with you or continue playing rummy online with others.

Thus, it is not a surprise that Indian gamers prefer a game of internet rummy on their smart-devices these days.