Qualified JEE Mains? Here’s How to Prep Well for JEE Advanced

Now that you have come a step closer to your dream of getting into an IIT by securing a good rank in JEE Mains, it’s time to gear up well for the next level. The complex and tough questions in JEE Advanced examination can leave you puzzled while the overconfidence you gained after clearing mains can become a hurdle in your way of qualifyingthe examination. From joining a reputed JEE advanced entrance coaching to strategizing and focusingbetter on your preparation, the tips mentioned below would surely guide and help you achieve your dream of studying in an IIT. So, let’s get going!

Stay Motivated

Put all your energy and hardwork in preparing for the next and final level of your dream. Handle stress and pressure with ease and keep yourself motivated by planning a proper preparation journey to the JEE advanced examination. If required, join a JEE advanced entrance coachinglikeAakash Institutefor better motivation and grades.

Work on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Focusing on the areas that you consider as your strength and working hard on the weak parts would help you have a better preparation plan in place. Take help from the teachers at your coaching and turn your weaknesses into strength. All you need to do is to practice hard and revise well what has been taught in the classes.

Make a Smart Study Plan

With a smart study plan, you are automatically a step closer to your success. Your study plan should include the time you want to dedicate to each subject, the process of revision and the number of breaks you would take in a day. For instance, if you are making an eighteen-hour study plan, make sure you have incorporated breaks at every 3 hours to keep your mind away from getting blocked.

Set a Daily Target

A daily study plan would easily help you cover the entire syllabus in a given time. Also, make sure you are dedicating a few hours in the study plan for revision. The perfect balance of daily goals and revision would avoid time wastage and give you a fruitful result.

Pick the Best Study Material

Stop yourself from getting confused and stuck between plethora of books and other study materials. Streamline your understanding and preparation process by picking up the best books and study materials available in the market. Remember, the best study materials and do wonders and shoot up your grades to an altogether different level.

Take Mock Tests Regularly

Mock tests help you manage time and make you aware about your progress from time to time. From finding out your weak areas to learning how to manage time, mock tests help in many ways. In addition, they can fuel confidence in you for the final examination.

Solve Last Years’ Papers

There have been cases when half of the question paper had questions from the past 10 years of the examination. Therefore, solving the papers of previous can prove to be extremely beneficial at this stage. For your reference, you can purchase solved papers. This would help you in tracking your preparation well.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, your determination throughout the preparation process is the biggest mantra to get admission in your dream college. Don’t fret over the results and never stop believing in yourself. A dedicated approach is all you need to achieve your dream of being in an IIT. So, stay focused and stay prepared. All the best!