Razer Lancehead gaming mouse review

Razer recently introduced a gaming mouse that’s a nearly perfect competitor to my favorite mouse of all time, Logitech’s G900. The Razer Lancehead is a high-end, ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse, with the option to seamlessly switch to wired. Also, Razer made a whole video comparing it to the G900’s wireless performance. So the fight is definitely on, and I feel honored that these companies are spending so much time and money on building the perfect mouse for left-handers like me.


If you’re going to make a mouse for pro gamers, the accepted wisdom is that it has to be a wired mouse with an optical sensor — like Razer’s own $79.99 Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition, for example. But the standard Lancehead model (the one I’m reviewing) is a $137.99 wireless mouse with a laser sensor.

The actual mouse is sleek and minimal, with thin thumb buttons on both sides; rubber sides for improved grip; a notched scroll wheel meant for switching guns in PUBG, not scrolling webpages; and buttons on the top to raise and lower the tracking DPI (effectively, the sensitivity) on the fly.

Like with many high-end wireless mice, the mouse comes with a USB dongle which can be plugged into the mouse’s removable Micro USB cable via an adapter. So it’s easy to switch between wired and wireless usage, with basically zero downtime.