Readers share what their fathers love to cook

1. Fathers culinary creations!

Happy Father’s Day! With mothers taking up roles that are not confined to the household chores, married partners have almost equal roles in making a household perfect. Now, it is not unusual to see a father heading up to the kitchen. So, give a break to all those praises you shower on your mothers’ every time and acknowledge what our dads taught us in the kitchen. Today we raise a toast to all those dads out there who love cooking and show it by making those wonderful culinary creations.

2. Aloo Cheese Sandwich

Deeksha Sarin: Seeing my father in the kitchen was one helluva sight! He used to cook insanely delicious food but then my mom and I had to bear with the trauma of cleaning the kitchen. His aloo cheese sandwiches were to die for! He knew how to give the perfect crunch to the toasts with cheese oozing out of the sandwiches. On winter evenings, he used to surprise us by making hot and syrupy malpuas.

3. Pao Bhaji

Pragya Sood: My father loves to cook. He says it is like meditation for him. Not that he cooks everyday, but when he does, he wants to do it like a masterchef! His favourite foods to cook our pao bhaji and egg bhurji! Both extremely yummy foods with tons of butter.

4. Paneer Makhani

5. Gajar Ka Halwa

Rishabh Raj: My father cooks perfect Gajar ka Halwa. His knowledge about the right cooking time and balanced sugar level is something that makes it a perfect dessert that we all love at home during winters. He uses homemade khoya for the recipe that too is prepared by him.

6. Mutton Curry

Smita Mishra: My father hardly ever went to the kitchen. But on special occasions like Holi and Durga Puja, he donned the hat of a chef, primarily to relieve the women of the family from the kitchen responsibilities. His Mutton Curry was to die for. He made it in desi ghee and used whole spices and till date I am yet to find someone to match his expertise in making Mutton Curry.

7. French Toast

Navya Anand: As a kid, I have fond memories of my father making French Toast (Indian style) for us in the breakfast. It was bread fried with sweet milk and eggs. As we are three kids, we had to wait a lot for our turn and just get one piece at a time. Whenever he made these toasts, he would keep an extra pan for my mother, who is a vegetarian and cook it the same style without eggs. And I would also ask him to make me this one too. This dish is something I have never tried anywhere else but home. And, I have no idea why he calls this French Toast, but for us, it will always be called that.

8. Dal Fry

Gunjan Verma: My father cooked awesome dal-chawal fry – a quick and instant recipe, specially if the expert Mommy chef was not around. This is till date my ‘comfort’ food, when he is not around. Also, cannot get over his amazing zero oil anda-chick bhurji. This recipe had milk and no oil and loads of chicken pieces – healthy and simply amazing!

9. Masala Chai

Sangeeta Soni: My father loves to help my mother with chopping the vegetables or fruits, shopping all the grocery, or sometimes, even making simple things like tea to pamper her. He is a very good tea maker as he knows the right amount of masala that should go into it and the exact ratio of water and milk that my mother and I like. Whenever we are out shopping or watching movie without him, we would reach home tired and he would treat us with a ‘kadak masala chai’. And it’s simply delectable to the last sip!

10. Matar Paneer

Kritika Pushkarna: An early riser who wakes up at 5 am, my dad is a bit moody in cooking. A very important aspect of his cooking is the morning tea that he prepares to wake up my mother. As my mother’s fingers have bruises due to psoriasis, dad helps her in chopping the vegetables. Also, he loves to make Matar Paneer Masala in dinner, where he uses the right blend of whole spices, and I must tell you it’s out of the world that no one can prepare like him. It’s something that we love to gorge on!

11. Butter Chicken

Deeksha Kumar: My father is a great cook. I think he has got this quality in his genes. He can make delicious non-veg as well veg but non-veg be his specialty. We crave for the mutton and butter chicken he makes. He is really fond of cooking, which is an added advantage to mom because he cooks when mom doesn’t want to. He makes his own melange of spices that he brings from Old Delhi.

12. Baby Potato Masala

Mansi Mathur: A father occupies a special place in all our hearts.In the light to above quote, I feel that this quote is completely justified. One fine day, my mother was at my nana-nani place. And the very next day was daughter’s day. So, my father decided to cook something special for me and my little sister on the eve of daughter’s day. So, he called up my mommy and asked her “how do you make baby potatoes”? And you are thinking right! My dad cooked specially for me and my little sister. Although, it turned out to be a bit different than usual, but it was added with an “ingredient of love”. I completely loved it!

13. Aloo Jeera

Shubhi Sinha: Cooking is not a cup of my father’s tea. He would eat bread and survive for days but not try his hands at cooking, ever. But this one day, I remember when we were new in Delhi. My mother and I had gone out and got late for dinner. On reaching home, we saw a sight we would never forget. My father in the kitchen wearing my mother’s apron and trying to cook something. He had made Aloo Jeera or something like it. Overwhelmed by his gesture, we finished the dish in minutes but my mother had a tough day next morning cleaning the mess he had created.