The shocking ingredients of these Indian desserts will make you cringe

1. Tried these Indian desserts with shocking ingredients?

We are a people governed by our palates. History holds evidence that food has remained among the foremost sensory indulgences of kings and emperors who ruled the land. Our rich culture is dotted with testimonies of culinary experiments that have led to the creation of some of the finest recipes. But exploring the forbidden and untrodden ways has always been the secret prerogative of humankind. Scroll to know these shocking ingredients of Indian desserts that will make you cringe!

2. Meat Halwa

This halwa made with minced meat is said to have originated in Rampur, UP. Very little information exists about its history, except that it was popular in Delhi, at one point of time. Made with minced meat, sugar, clarified butter and nuts, it has an amazing taste and it is almost impossible to guess that it contains meat.

3. Makkhan Malai

Makhan Malai, as it is known in Lucknow or Delhiā€™s Daulat ki Chaat is a light, frothy dessert made by churning milk on full moon days. It melts as the day progresses and is available only during winters.

4. Pyaaz ki Kheer

A part of Hyderabadi culinary tradition, it is a delicious dessert served after dinner. For this dessert dish white onions are washed several times. As the milk thickens, so do onions and the dessert gets a naturally sweet flavor. Dry fruits are added for a richer taste.

5. Tamatar ka Halwa

It has a sweet and tangy umami taste and has an inviting and appetizing colour and texture. It is made with tomatoes, milk, clarified butter and nuts and is a popular South Indian dish.

6. Lahsun ki Kheer

Sounds unbelievable and yuck? But it is a delicious dessert that tastes heavenly. It is also called Benami Kheer because the ingredient in it remains a secret and it looks more like almond kheer. The trick of this kheer lies in alum water in which garlic is washed several times, to remove its pungent taste and odour.