Social Media and Lifestyle Influencer Anand Mayee shines against all odds

There is a famous saying – “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.” The said line is quite simple but its depth can be only understood by someone like Anand Mayee who was cursed and demotivated but her strong will power never let her fell apart. She scripted her success as an entrepreneur, social influencer and lifestyle blogger giant.

Anand Mayee runs her own business of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees and she has been recog-nized in India and on various global platforms. She has a successful brand ‘Nayab Store’ to her credit but she has certainly triumphed over her obstacles with grace.

Her company now has a client base from United States of America, United Kingdom, Beh-rain, Singapore and few other countries. She was nominated for National Entrepreneurship Award by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Her products have also gained applauds from former Miss India winner Shivani Wazir.

From losing her father at a very early age to working as a school teacher for livelihood, the life of Anand Mayee is certainly an inspiration for everyone and her hardwork now not only empower women of every age group but also motivate them to regain their confidence and improve their self-esteem.

Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Anand Mayee decided to setup her own business but it was not easy for her to stand firm in this male oriented society. She was criticized and even was demotivated but she stood high and made her name.

When asked about her life’s struggles, she said, “I don’t call them as struggles, instead I take them as my learning experiences. Being a woman and hailing from a non-business fam-ily, I was always kept on back-foot when I decided to start my own business. People often get dishearten by this but I took it as a challenge.”

She continued to say, “There were times when I get big contracts but didn’t receive the payout in return. I was devastated at times but support from my family kept me going. I felt cheated; I felt ignored; I even felt emotionally shattered at times; but I never felt hopeless and I always advice people the same.”

She is now a social influencer giant and why not, she has come out of her hurdles alone and made a name and place for herself. Millions of people now dream of becoming like her and she is now an inspiration for every budding entrepreneur.

She has a large fan base on social media networks. Her Instagram profile has thousands of followers who, without a miss, appreciate Anand Mayee’s works. She has become a home name in the world of lifestyle blogger and several small and big celebrities follow the fash-ion statements crafted by her.