From tinted tresses to name necklaces: this week’s fashion trends

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe sports her ‘rapinkoe’ hair. Photograph: Getty Images

Going up

Green bottle
 No ordinary bottle. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Precision packing From Loewe’s “stick pocket” to Paco Rabanne’s tiny 1969 chainmail bag, impracticality never looked so chic.

Bigger bottles The Ordinary has launched large versions of its bestsellers. More sustainable and cheaper, too – win-win.

Anima coats The stylish outwear in Thom Yorke’s short film (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) almost make us wish it were winter. Almost.

Head-to-toe leather Vegan, that is. See Lady Gaga in Anouki at the launch of her Haus Laboratories cosmetics.

Tinted tresses The shade sported by US football star Megan Rapinoe has been dubbed “rapinkoe”.

Going down

Double T-shirting Bradley Cooper had the “gall”, as the Cut put it, to wear a long-sleeve T-shirt beneath a short-sleeved one to dinner with Anna Wintour.

Lime green Briefly the colour of summer but, judging by New York’s Louis Vuitton pop-up, slime green is the new go-to.

Name necklaces Usurped by initial necklaces, as worn by the Duchess of Sussex at Wimbledon. Sorry Carrie.

The cheese pull The viral food marketing image has fallen out of favour. Goodbye rainbow toasties.

Converse shoe
 Off white… Photograph: Getty Images

White chucks Converse’s latest collab, with streetwear brand Chinatown Market: plain sneakers turn orange and purple in sunlight. Jazzy.