Tips For Bringing A New Dog Home

Bringing a new furry family member home for the first time can be very exciting. To be successful in the transition, the key is to have your home prepared beforehand with everything your dog will need. This can include everything from food and toys to bedding and leashes. You can find many products for your new dog online at reputable sellers like the one found at Vet Products Direct sells dog supplements, vitamins and many other great products. Below are some extra tips for preparing your home before your new furry family member arrives.

Gather Supplies

Just like stated earlier, it is important to have supplies for your new dog before you bring them home. Some specific items to consider are a collar, food and water dishes, toys, bedding, a dog tag with your phone number or address on it and anything else you want to give your new dog to help them feel happy and loved.

Establish New House Rules

These new rules should be for both the humans and the new dog. Create a dog-care plan in advance with everyone who lives in the home. Think about who will walk the dog, feed the dog, wash the dog and plan the veterinarian visits. Everyone should sit down and figure out which areas of the house are off-limits. For areas you want the new dog to stay out of, consider purchasing dog gates for the doorways.

Plan The Arrival

The last thing you want to do when getting a new dog is not have anyone available in the home to watch it. The dog will most likely be scared of being in your home for the first time and will need to get adjusted before they feel comfortable. Try to have the family home on the dog’s first day to play with it and help it get used to their new home. If there are other pets in the home, slowly introduce them and let them play with supervision. Some pets might show signs of jealousy when new dogs are first brought home. Keep an eye out for this and separate your pets if you are worried they may fight.


If you are lucky, you may bring home a new dog and they are already fully housetrained. If not, you will have to prepare in advance for housetraining. This can often be a long and difficult process. You will have to be patient with your new dog as they learn when and where to use the bathroom. The key to housetraining is to remain consistent and keep a strict routine. A little extra work on your part each day can pay off in the long run when it comes to successfully housetraining your new pet.

Keep Dog Healthy

If you are adopting from a shelter, you will most likely have to get your new dog vaccinated. Shelter animals come in from varying backgrounds and often bring viruses with them that can spread to other animals, including your new dog. If you have other pets at home, be sure they are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations before you bring home a new dog. Take your new dog to your vet within the first week after you adopt them. Try to make the first visit a positive one. Doing this can help make subsequent visits easier on your dog and yourself. Your veterinarian can offer you advice and tips for acclimating your new dog into your home easily.

These are just a few of the top basic tips to help make bringing home a new dog an easier transition for all involved. Once your dog is comfortable in their new home, it is time to make memories and have lots of fun. Most dogs are active and will need plenty of play time. This will keep them happy and healthy for years to come.