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The Top Uses of Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” in Movies and TV


He was one of the greatest guitar players to ever live and a true treasure in the music industry. He was also gone far too soon since his genius could have been a great boon to musicians everywhere. The fortunate part is that he was so incredibly iconic that his example has lived on and on throughout many renditions and has inspired many people to become the absolute best they can be. His song Foxy Lady has been used so many times that when people hear the opening riff they immediately start to nod their heads since they know what’s coming. Once it’s laid down you can’t help but start grooving along.

Ooh, Foxy Lady. Here’s some of the best showings of this awesome song.

5. An Evening With Alice Cooper

Let’s face it, anyone that performs with legend Alice Cooper needs to be able to hold their own on that stage. This band and the guitarists do more than that as the perform one of the more impressive renditions of this song to be heard in the past few decades. I do think Jimi would be more than pleased to hear his music represented in such a great way.

4. The B50 Blues

It’s a form of flattery that so many people want to perform this song and to be honest even in a setting such as this it’s a lot more impressive than these people in the crowd make it look. I get the feeling that they’re not big Hendrix fans, or otherwise the majority of them would be shutting their gobs right then and listening to the band with a big smile on their faces.

3. Monkeybone

It’s a lot slower in this film and a little creepier simply because you already know that Monkeybone is hanging out in Stu’s body and acting in ways that Stu never would. Stu meanwhile is still firmly in Death’s domain where he’s being held because he made an attempt at escaping. Eventually everything gets set right, but not before Monkeybone gets to have a little fun.

2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience