Unique Summer Camps for Your Kids

Summer camp likely triggers memories of sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories. Fun, sun-filled days of playing tug-of-war, swimming, fishing, and boating are all fond recollections of days spent at camp. Today, there are options that will allow your kids to enjoy almost anything that piques their interest.

Space Camp

Do you have a child that lives and breathes everything space? If so, a space camp experience will probably be a dream come true. There are a number of these types of camps, consisting of groups according to age. Your child will explore and learn with simulated space voyages. They will learn about astronaut training and meet real astronauts. Additionally they can learn about career opportunities in aerospace.

Culinary Camp

Does your child love to cook? Are they always in the kitchen helping to prepare meals? Then a culinary camp may be just the right fit. Kids learn all about cooking from the utensils that are used to different techniques. They will learn to prepare meals, desserts, and even cake decorating. This is an experience that the chef at heart will enjoy immensely.

Cultural and Language Camp

Perhaps your child is interested in foreign languages. There are camps that specialize in teaching kids how to speak and write in the language of their choice. The great thing is they get to go to camp in another country. Not only do they learn the language, but they learn about the country’s culture by visiting historical sights. Avante-Garde Educational Services, LLC is an example of an international summer camp.

Circus Camp

If you have a child that wants to run away and join the circus, there is a camp where he can learn all sorts of circus acts. From the trapeze to clowning, stilt walking, unicycling, juggling, gymnastics, and magic, your child will enjoy learning all about the circus. They will even get to perform their skills in front of an audience.

These are just a few of the camps that offer programs to fit your child’s interests. There is sure to be one that will spark your child’s imagination and give them an opportunity to experience a totally different summer camp.