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Watch This: 17 Movie and TV Premieres You’ll Regret Missing This Week

The fall TV season has officially begun, and you know what that means, right? There’s about to be so many amazing new—and returning!—shows to put in your queue. And let’s not forget about movies: Fall is a great time for the box office, too. The best films of the year come out around this time: horror flicks, weepy dramas, Oscar bait…it’s a smorgasbord, really.

So how the hell are you going to choose what to watch? Hopefully we can help with that. Welcome back to “Watch This,”’s column that highlights the best movies and TV shows debuting each week. Fair warning: The next seven days are a doozy—in the best way possible. Outlander is returning! And Broad City! Plus, you have the premiere of HBO’s new series, The Deuce, and Jennifer Lawrence’s movie, mother!. These 17 movies and TV shows are the ones to watch—literally—this week. Plan your social calendars accordingly. (Read: Cancel all your plans.)

Sunday, September 10

Top of the Lake: China Girl: Elisabeth Moss, Nicole Kidman, and Gwendoline Christie star in the next chapter of this searing drama about a detective who investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl in New Zealand. Literally all your faves from the three best TV shows of 2017—The Handmaid’s TaleBig Little Lies, and Game of Thrones—are in one place, so you know China Girl is going to be amazing. 9 P.M. EST on Sundance TV