Wireless gaming mice are here, but are we ready for wireless charging?

I’ve been waiting for wireless charging to take off since the Palm Pre. Remember the Palm Pre? It sure seemed ahead of its time in 2009, and that’s still more or less how I feel about wireless charging. It’s out there. It exists, for electric cars and smartphones and other devices. But it’s nowhere near ubiquitous, and for something like a smartphone I think it has to be. I’m not paying extra money for a way to charge my smartphone that only works in one specific instance at home, when I can’t reap the benefits anywhere else I need to charge my phone. But for a mouse, it’s a different story.

Earlier this year, I wrote that it was time to embrace wireless gaming mice. Wireless mice aren’t just good enough now. Done right, their performance is indistinguishable from a wired mouse. You won’t notice lag or stuttering, and in the case of Logitech’ G900, it’s lighter than some wired mice. Swiping across the mousepad with no cable is incredibly freeing. And charging, as long as it’s done with a cable and not with a docking cradle, which takes your mouse out of the action, is easy to do, but it can be a brief annoyance if you procrastinate or let your mouse trickle out when you aren’t using it.

I think great wireless gaming mice are worth the higher price, and I hope I’ve convinced at least a few people that performance is right at parity with wired mice. I think gaming is ready for wireless mice. But is it ready for wireless charging? It adds on another layer of cost and complexity, but the convenience of having a wireless mouse you never have to manually charge again sure sounds pretty great. That’s the idea behind Corsair’s new Concept Zeus mouse, a wireless model which supports Qi charging when it lives on the Concept Zeus mousepad.

Anywhere on the pad, the mouse will pull in a trickle charge, so it will conceivably never run out of battery life. To charge it more quickly, place it directly on the induction pad in the corner. When you’re not using that induction pad, you can also place an adapter there to charge a smartphone or other device.