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Worth watching the credits for! Hilarious and VERY rude film and TV crew names will leave the audienc

When the end credits roll at the cinema, it turns out that it may well be worth sticking around for an extra dose of entertainment.

While some of the unusual movie industry job titles such as Best Boy and Dolly Grip might have caught your eye, it’s well worth keeping an eye out for the names of the film crew as some of them have some rather unusual and hilarious monikers.

Now an entertainment website had collected the funniest examples, including Chris P. Bacon, whose parents must have had quite a sense of humour, and the evocatively named War Hawk Tanzania.

Technical score advisor Chris P. Bacon, is actually Christian Paul Bacon who has worked on films such as King Kong, The Dark Knight and I Am Legend 

The rather rudely named Juicy Wang contributed visual effects on the 2009 film Zombieland

The actor War Hawk Tanzania starred in Gang Wars and Black Force in the '70s

Either this boom operator has a very rude name, or there's been some confusion with Ladd McPartland who has worked on visual effects for Speed 2 and So I Married An Axe Murderer

The unusually named Cricket Sloat has worked on Entourage, Ant-Man and Thor

Silver Tree has worked as a producer on Meghan Markle's TV show Suits 

This Turkish producer's first name spells out a very offensive word, beginning with 'c' in English 

There were several unusually titled stun artists on this film, including Alf Joint, Tip Tipping and Dickie Beer, as well as the aptly named Stuart Fell

Jessica Chaffin's breasts even got a mention on the film credits for the comedy action caper The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock 

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