Young woman reveals stunning body transformation after university ‘student lifestyle’ took its toll

A young woman has revealed her stunning transformation after calling time on weight gain while living the student lifestyle.

Jessica Burr, 22, had always been self-conscious about her weight.

But living the student lifestyle during her first year at Southampton Solent University only seemed to make her insecurities worse.

Jessica, from Portishead in Somerset, said: “I put on weight during the first couple of months at uni, mainly due to the fact that I was going out a lot, eating junk food all the time and generally making poor food decisions.”

Determined to enjoy a fresh start at university and leave behind the insecurities that affected her during her school days, Jessica decided to act before it was too late, Somerset Live reports.

The independence that comes with university life has opened Jessica’s eyes to how simple managing her diet can be.

Jessica after her stunning weight loss (Image: Somerset Live WS)